Lunar Evac

Point and Click


“Stranded at an abandoned moonbase you must reestablished connection with earth and solve the problems together to get home safe.”

Lunar evac is a game about two people, one stranded on an abandoned moonbase and another one on earth, working overtime, during christams. The player can switch between the two and solve puzzles at one location by using clues from another. 

  • Point and Click game 

  • Developed in 8 weeks (4h/day)

My Contribution
  • Paper design for the puzzles 

  • Level design for the room layouts 

  • LUA scripting 

  • LÖVE 2D

  • Autodesk Maya 2019

The Team
  • Emil Petersson - Level Design

  • Daniel Rosberg Drake - Level Design

  • Jonas Nolér - Programmer

  • Hannes Rehnström - Programmer

  • Gabriel Rivano - Programmer

  • Anton Schuman - Programmer

  • Andy Stråhed - Programmer

  • Weronika Kowalczyk - Graphical Artist ​​

  • Kevin Lundmark - Graphical Artist

  • Karsten Malmquist - Graphical Artist

  • Isabelle Neuman - Animator

  • Daniella Rolf - Animator